The Emporia Friends of the Zoo was founded during 1978. The Society's stated purpose has been to provide financial support for the expansion, development and maintenance of the Zoo. By nature, Zoo operations and projects are expensive. Therefore, we solict contributions, memberships and support to help us accomplish our goals of providing birds, animals and Zoo facilities in which Emporia and the surrounding communities can take great pride. We are proud of our accomplishments; however, much remains to be done. We invite you or your organization to become members of the Emporia Friends of the Zoo. All memberships as well as donations are tax deductible and provide help necessary to achieve goals for various Zoo projects.


We offer memberships for the following levels and the membership expires on December 31:

$25 Individual, $40 Family, $50 Sponsor, $100 Patron, $500 Benefactor, $1,000 Endowment

We do not charge admission to the David Traylor Zoo of Emporia, but membership fees help with animal purchases, holiday lights, library materials, support of education programs and new and continued maintenance of exhibits. Another benefit of an EFOZ membership is reciprocation with several other zoos nationwide. They may offer free or reduced admission, free parking, discounts etc. Our offer is for a 25% discount on merchandise.

As a member of the Emporia Friends of the Zoo, reciprocal benefits are availble to you. Click here to view institutions that participate with us for these benefits. 

Memberships may be purchased in the following ways: PayPal; Visa, MasterCard or Discover (in person or over the phone), you can bring your membership fee to our office at 75 Soden Road or you may mail your membership fee to PO Box 345 / Emporia KS 66801-0345.
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Please consider adding a donation for the Species Survival Plan. These funds are sent directly to the AZA Conservation Endowment Fund to be used in the SSP programs to conserve the species for future generations.
If you have questions or would desire additional information about Emporia Friends of the Zoo, please call the David Traylor Zoo of Emporia
620-341-4365 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


EFOZ is the recipient of donations in honor or memory of loved ones and friends. If you'd like to donate in this way, please use this PayPal option:


 2021 EFOZ Board of Directors

Bobby Thompson, President

Erren Harter, Vice-President

Colleen Mitchell, Secretary

John Kretsinger, Co-Treasurer

Tracy Edwards, Co-Treasurer

Ryan Kohlmeier

Kristi Schankie

Maryann Peak
Duane Henrikson
Jeannie Jenkins
Margaret Wright
Sharon Tidwell