Thank you for donating items in good condition

bath towels/blankets
ice cream containers
dog houses
video baby monitor
milk crates
Rubbermaid totes
boomer balls
hand tools
heavy duty fans
portable stereos
rope & chain
space heaters
heating pads
all sizes of pet carriers
artificial plants
croquet set
pots/pans (good condition
bells (for bird enrichment)
kitchen knives; paring, cleaver, 6" & 8" blades
Rubbermaid storage containers (cereal box size)

Larger items:
  • microwave
  • 10 x 12 storage shed
  • metal or Rubbermaid storage cabinets
  • horse/stock trailer
  • Autoclave
  • ultrasound machine
  • pulse oximeter
  • mosquito forceps
  • new power washer



• Boomer Balls-all sizes
• Kong Toys-all sizes
• Dog Toys-all kinds
• Cat Toys- all kinds
• Bird Toys-all sizes
• Unsalted Peanuts-in shell or not
• Chex cereal- wheat, corn, or rice
• Cheerios cereal- regular
• Dried Fruit-all kinds
• Sugarless Kool-aide
• Spices, Perfumes-all kinds
• Corn Cob
• Whole Fruits
• Wood Blocks
• Bells of all sizes
• Mirrors-unbreakable
• Radios or CD players
• Nature sound CDs
• Bungee Cords
• Natural Fiber Rope-all lengths
• Card Board- toilet paper/paper towel rolls
• Buoys-all sizes and shapes
• Wiffle balls
• Children’s musical piano(battery operated only)
• Fire Hose
• Beer Barrels(keg size-metal)
• Water Jugs-XL size bigger than 1 gallon
• Untreated Burlap bags
• Untreated Burlap rolls
• Bubbles
• Basketballs
• Footballs
• Sugar Free Jello (all flavors)
• Keys
• Stuffed Animals-no bean filled please
• Pinatas
• Paper Lunch Bags
• Coconuts
• Pig Ears
• Honey
• Pasta(uncooked)
• Dog Biscuits(less than 5% fat)
• Wading Pools
• Popcorn Popper
• Rawhide Bones
• PVC pipe(various sizes)

Please remember...

Clean, gently used and recycled items are welcome!
Monetary donations are also appreciated. There are some special enrichment items that we can purchase only through Zoo supply companies.

Thank you for your help-

Lisa Keith, Director
David Traylor Zoo of Emporia
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.